Yesterday I finished the pasta for lunch and then had the rest of the quinoa – with some capers added – in the evening. Both were nice and meant that I didn’t have to do any cooking as I had them both cold. I think the mushroom and spinach would’ve appreciated some lemon juice as well but I didn’t think of that at the time.

Today I had a late breakfast which I considered lunch – muesli, coffee, peach – and then in the evening was forced, under extreme duress, to undergo fish and chips at the bar. With a couple of beers and a friend.

The chef has changed, so I think the batter on the fish was slightly overcooked but the fish itself hadn’t suffered. They used to do lovely little pots of fresh mushy peas but that seems to have stopped. Still.

You will need:

  • eleven euros
  • a waiter

Order food. Season. Insert food into face.

In other news, I went shopping for today and tomorrow, so have spent well over my allotted five euros on food today, though over the course of the month I’m way under that. I was going to use the rest of the spinach tonight but it’s in the fridge and was relatively fresh when I bought it, so it’ll keep another day, and the rest can be eaten in order of necessity of consumption.

  • green beans (1,20€)
  • coffee (3,25€)
  • new potatoes (1,18€)
  • penne (0,43€)
  • garlic (0,29€)
  • Akane apples (0,97€)
  • A baguette (1,05€)

The UHT milk in a brick from the organic shop is nicer than I expected, and produced by their own cooperative. It doesn’t seem to have that UHT smell, so I decanted it from the Tetra Pak into a glass bottle to keep it safe from fridge smells as well and help maintain the illusion.

I spent 21,27€ on food today. 11€ of that fed me. Pot now stands at 26,97€.