Fiver-a-day organic

Feeding one person well for a fiver a day


In summer 2016 I found myself staring down the barrel of a six-week summer holiday and, having spent the first two weeks doing intensive sofa research, decided to spend some time doing what I used to enjoy so much when I worked from home years ago; eating.

When I first arrived in France with too much spare time on my hands, I used to enjoy going to local markets (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and buying stuff to cook. When I lived in Paris, I had an organic basket every week from a cooperative of local-to-Paris farmers who made sure I had a selection of interesting things to use for food throughout the week.

However, I’m back in the countryside now with a different job that involves not being at home all day. To make things more complicated, I’m generally at work on Wednesdays and simply don’t do Saturday mornings.

I haven’t grown anything for ages either and all that remains left in the garden are some poorly looking herbs clinging on for dear life, the mint – which appears to want to take over the world – and some oregano. I think the chives might be taking refuge in the ground and it looks as if the Vietnamese coriander may still be in with a chance. Even the parsley has, for the most part, progressively migrated west.

As I had nothing else to do for four weeks, I decided to explore the kitchen again. I wanted to see whether it is possible to feed one person with fresh or freshly-bought, and preferably organic, ingredients for about five euros a day, and document it for my own amusement.

This is not, then, your ordinary cookery blog or food blog as it’s not supposed to be full of instruction. It’s really just a diary of what I eat, with pretty pictures, and a running tally of an imaginary pot that allows me to spend 5€ a day on food.