I went out in the afternoon and bought myself a replacement gas bottle. While I was out, I took the opportunity to pop into the organic shop and buy:

  • Honey Waffles (1,86€)
  • 85g spinach (1,02€)
  • 320g “crunchy fruits” cereal (1,81€)

To the remains of lunch I added one large tomato, cut into small pieces, and 100g cooked quinoa. I mixed it up nicely in the bowl once the quinoa had cooled and served it with the spinach.

There is enough of this left over to do at least two more servings, so probably lunch tomorrow and Friday.

For pudding, I had a lovely mug of tea and two (count them) honey waffles. They are rather moreish but also rather sickly; three is my limit in one sitting.

The pot now stands at 54,91€.