What a surprise/cop-out. After spending some time in the afternoon making hummus, here is something with hummus in.

There is already quite a lot of washing up to do, so I decided not to add any more by cooking this evening. I had been contemplating couscous (I found a courgette that needs using) but think I’ll do something with that tomorrow instead.

This is not really a recipe but merited being photographed because it is very pretty, and recorded because it was super-tasty.

I fried, in olive oil, a small onion and half a red pepper, along with some paprika, cumin, and salt and pepper. At the same time I toasted a pitta bread, then cut it in half, spooned in some hummus and the fried onions and pepper when they had had a little time to cool.

Follow with an apple and a mug of tea.

Surprisingly, not much of the hummus is left.