I really didn’t want to go shopping today.

Yesterday I finished the baked potato for lunch with a little tomato to make a salad, then in the evening a couple of us decided we would go to the farmers’ market but were rained off – in August! I ended up being fed pasta and bolognese sauce by a friend which was a real treat as it meant I didn’t have to cook anything!

For lunch today I had this, which involved doing very little except slicing a potato on a mandoline and then frying the slices in butter until they were soft with some garlic and capers. Once the potatoes are softened, pour over two beaten and seasoned eggs and cook. Add anchovies at will, then serve with some crusty bread.

I am very happy to have made it through the week with no more shopping. The trick appears to be to decide before leaving the house whether you need to go to a shop or not, rather than thinking “I’ll just pop in as I’m passing.”

Tonight I am having pasta and pesto (from a jar).