The other half of last week’s spaghetti squash has been patiently sitting in the fridge waiting for me to use it, which I finally did this evening.

The method, ultimately, is the same. Remove the seeds and fibrous bits then roast it face-down in the oven with a few peeled garlic cloves and lots of oil and salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, prepare a sauce which tonight was very simply garlic, mushrooms and spinach with the end of the pot of crème fraîche. Rinse the spinach thoroughly in a colander and set aside.

Gently fry the garlic and mushrooms in butter, then when they are starting to look cooked, add salt and pepper then the spinach, cover and leave to simmer over a low heat until the spinach has wilted.

Once the spinach has wilted, add the remains of the crème fraîche (about a tablespoon) and stir it in thoroughly. Leave to reduce.

Remove the squash from the oven. Scoop a little of the flesh and crush the garlic cloves before spooning in some (or all of) the sauce. Cover with grated cheese (I used Cantal) and put back into the oven for a few minutes for the cheese to melt.

At this point it would be just as easy to scoop out all of the flesh and mix it with a sauce of choice separately before adding the grated cheese and putting it back into the oven to melt. I was hungry, though, so didn’t wait.