I am back from my holidays. I tried very hard to keep a record of what was spent and on what during the first week of the year, but I had a friend here from England and it was more difficult to manage than when I am by myself.

She paid for things, I paid for things, and the week came to about 117€ between us (there was quite a lot of alcohol), so 58,50€ for my half. If I find the time I’ll try and work out how this fits into the fiver-a-day.

This morning I woke up with a foul cold which I felt come on last night. I am desperately trying to stave it off so I can go to work tomorrow so had boiled eggs with garlic soldiers, a few cloves of pickled garlic and quite a lot of fruit juice for breakfast. As an attempt to make it look healthy, I added some lamb’s lettuce as a garnish (which I ate).

For the garlic soldiers, slice your baguette lengthwise and toast it. Meanwhile, finely chop one flat clove of garlic and some parsley from the garden and mash them into some butter. Spread this onto the hot toast and use a teaspoon to spoon little mouthfuls of egg onto the toast.

Serve with orange juice and a hot toddy.