There seems to be an abundance of artichokes everywhere at the moment. I like these little ones because they cook quite quickly and you can get through them easily without the indignity of getting the furry part all over your fingers, face, and clothes.

The French often serve artichokes with a vinaigrette but I decided to go for simple butter and salt instead. However, I was hungry and couldn’t be bothered faffing, so put some lamb’s lettuce in a bowl and dressed it with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I ate the salad first, leaving me a bowl of lazy vinaigrette for dipping and ultimate artichoke-bit disposal. It worked well.

Artichokes are very easy to cook, to the point that even I can’t get this wrong.

Remove the outer petals near the stalk at the bottom of the bulb. Trim the pointy bits off the outer petals using scissors, then use a knife to cut off the stalk and cut off the top.

Place your artichokes in boiling salted water and remove them when they are cooked, which is when you can pull a petal out using only the weight of the artichoke itself as force. For these little ones that was about twenty minutes.

You can stand your artichokes in the saucepan as they boil, but the little ones have a tendency to float around so this is only worth trying with the larger ones.

Serve with bread and butter.

My astute reader may have noticed a recent radio silence as I got sent to work somewhere which involved being in a hotel for a few days. I haven’t had as much chance as I’d like to do cooking but the weather in south western France is unseasonably hot and sunny which means I ate this outside and can get decent photos.

Shopping since the beginning of the month has included a couple of supermarket “emergency” pizzas, some artichokes (!), fruit juice, bottled water to take with me, anchovies and some eggs.

The pot is at 125,17€.