I have been enjoying this soup so keep on making it with little variations to stop it being too samey. Also, I have been sent to Bordeaux for work for a couple of days so need something to come back to when I get in late on Monday. If all goes to plan it will also stretch to lunch at work on Tuesday, hopefully, with some nice bread.

The recipe is much the same as last time, but it’s here because it was pretty. I used a couple of small leeks along with a medium onion and some garlic, and added a little more potato than last time. I also crumbled in a couple of dried cèpes and some chilli to help it warm me through.

At the end of November the pot still contained 8,51€, which I am happy about as it means I managed to curb the excesses of October. Of course, his was helped by the supermarket freebies and the unexpected loyalty reduction in the organic shop, of course.

There has been some eating out, but as this was paid for by work it hasn’t featured here.