I won 40€ vouchers in the supermarket last which, and finally spent them today.

In retrospect, I should’ve made a better list, really, but I think I did well and tried to stick to stuff that’s normally expensive that comes in packets and jars. Obviously, I wasn’t going to get change back from the vouchers (one for 10€ and one for 30€) so had to spend it all at once, and go over the 40€ to make it worthwhile.

  • 250g Marmite: 7,89€ (rip-off, really, but this is France and the French don’t understand it)
  • 500g Jordans muesli: 3,20€
  • 1kg “Trio de riz”: 4,90€
  • 2x30cl 7 vegetable emergency soup: 2,09€
  • 2c30cl leek and potato emergency soup: 1,85€
  • 250g “South American” coffee beans: 3,20€
  • 2x200g Pesto: 3,98€
  • 500g red lentils: 2,09€
  • 180g jar green beans: 1,99€
  • 500g Penne: 0,89€
  • 1 packet poppy and sesame seed biscuits: 1,68€
  • 1 packet butter biscuits: 0,78€
  • One 75cl bottle of Clairette de Die (sparkle-fizz): 6,45€
  • 250g butter: 2,05€
  • 2 jars tinned tomatoes: 1,66€

This shop came to 4,45€ once the vouchers had been taken into account, which means that the pot now stands at 52,98€.