It appears I’m eating fast food again.

Work and other things have taken over these last few days, but I have been trying to cook where I can and eat properly. There has been some being fed elsewhere, of course, which is possibly a bit naughty and not in keeping with the rules of the game, but I have also taken things to cook in other people’s kitchens, such as two breaded organic cod fillets (3,98€) for fish and chips last week. They were nice, but it would have been better to breadcrumb fresh fish myself.

In keeping with this, I last night rolled up at a friend’s with a pack of galettes and some things for filling after a dash to the organic shop, where I finally remembered to buy some split peas as I need to use some of the mint before the frost gets it.

We fried up some garlic, mushrooms, leeks and spinach in butter as pre-prepared filling, then made the galettes with eggs and Comté when we were ready to eat.

We had them with lambs lettuce. I’ve made them before but always forget how much I like them. I had the same for lunch today, but didn’t have any spinach so just used garlic, leeks and mushrooms, and it was lovely. I didn’t have any Comté, so used Laguiole instead. There’s one left, which will probably do something tomorrow.

There has been a lot of shopping and I think the pot has suffered quite badly as a result of my running out of expensive things like black peppercorns (12,25€ for 200g), coffee (this week’s is Guatemalan) and my ongoing Rum Baba addiction. But in good news, I won a 30€ voucher in the supermarket earlier in the week which means I’ll have to plan what I can stock up on for “free”. Marmite. Lots and lots of lovely Marmite.

The pot, not adjusted for 30€ supermarket windfall, now stands at 80,71€.