There’s been a bit of a hole in goings on here since last week, mostly due to running around doing things during the remains of the nice weather.

This morning I did my usual last-minute Sunday morning dash to the boulangerie and then the supermarket to pick up a few things to eat. Over breakfast – scrambled eggs on toast – I got together the receipts for the last few days and retraced my steps.

The butternut soup only lasted two days, to my surprise, but stretched to a lunch at work and tea in the following evening. On the 4th I had to succumb to a sandwich and a bottle of Orangina at work (6,30€!) followed by tea at a friend’s in the evening as thanks for going to the station and changing her TGV ticket. On the 5th, I was invited out in the evening and took puddings (4,92€) and did the same on the 6th when I took a pizza (and puddings) to a friend’s in the evening (6,56€). Out again on the 7th there were Doritos and dip (healthy diet, 3,34€) and again last night. I took wine, chocolate and olives (6,85€).

Shopping for me over the last week or so has not been as organised as I’d like!

First off, the puddings (not all for my house):

  • Coeur fondant caramel (2,57€)
  • Coeur fondant chocolat (2,35€)
  • Rum baba (1,60€)

Then stuff for other people’s houses:

  • Pizza (3,98€)
  • Lamb’s lettuce (0,98€)
  • Doritos (1,88€)
  • Dip (1,46€)
  • Two bars chocolate (4,56€)
  • Merlot (3,99€)
  • Olives (0,76€)

And finally, my shopping for the week:

  • Butter (2,25€)
  • Milk (1,00€)
  • Potatoes (1,84€)
  • Onions (1,42€)
  • More lamb’s lettuce (1,11€)
  • Coffee (3,41€)
  • Apples (0,78€)
  • Celery (1,47€)
  • Parsnips (1,14€)
  • Carrots 2,25/kg (1,36€)
  • Garlic (0,21€)
  • Eggs (2,25€)
  • Biscuits on special offer (3,98€)
  • Baguette (1,05€)
  • Pain au chocolat (1,00€)

At the end of all that, the pot now stands at 113,95€. Still — all of that is organic, save the puddings, bread and sandwich at work.