On my way back from work yesterday I popped into the supermarket and picked up a few bits and pieces:

  • 180g jar green beans (1,99€)
  • Anchovy fillets (1,49€)

Yesterday I was taken to lunch by my client, as is normal, then finished the cauliflower cheese in the evening with some boiled potatoes and half of the jar of green beans.

Essentially, today’s quick lunch started out as a variation on the Spanishish omelette from a while ago, but I noticed as I was softening the butter that there was a distinctly spicy tang.

I thought I’d cleaned the pan that the Punjabi cauliflower and potato dish was cooked in well, but the spices and non-stick coating seemed to know better. Nonetheless, it was very nice and I now believe that spicy omelette is the future.

I had it with the rest of yesterday’s green beans.

Pot at 33,84€.