I love cauliflower cheese, so enjoyed making this tonight.

On Sunday I was invited to a friend’s child’s birthday party so had cake, Haribo and Orangina for lunch, followed by steak and pasta in the evening.

Yesterday, I finished the cauliflower, potatoes and ginger for lunch, then was invited to eat with friends in the evening.

Today I shopped for:

  • One litre organic full-fat milk (1,49€)
  • One litre semi-skimmed (1,00€)
  • Butter (2,25€)
  • Cornflakes (1,10€)
  • A baguette (1,05€)

I don’t remember enjoying cornflakes as a child but these ones are nice and crunchy. I only used half of the milk for the cheese sauce, so the cornflakes will help soak up the rest. The semi-skimmed milk is reserved for tea.

For the cauliflower cheese, make about half a litre of sauce while boiling the cauliflower, broken into sizeable florets. I used the rest of the cauliflower left over from Saturday.

When the sauce is done, pour it over the cauliflower florets in a large dish, sprinkle some cheese over the top (breadcrumbs too if you fancy) and then put in the oven (“on”) until it’s browned on top.

Meanwhile, prepare your vegetables. There is still quite a lot of the perpetual Savoy cabbage left, so I cooked that as well as some new potatoes which I served with butter, garlic and coriander. I had quite a lot because I forgot lunch.

The pot now stands at 40,50€.