The lasagne lasted for three days, somewhat remarkably. After feeding two of us on Sunday night, it did lunch on Monday and Tuesday (at work), and tea on Tuesday night.

The peaches survived a couple of days as well and I finished them for breakfasts.

There has been more shopping:

  • Cornflakes (0,62€)
  • Milk (1€)
  • Tomatoes (0,77€)
  • Coffee (2,87€)
  • Rum Baba (1,60€)
  • Cantal (2,94€)
  • Crisps (1,19€)

The cheese and crisps were to form part of lunch for work on Wednesday.

Today I ended up taking my English friend to the airport for her flight back, so picked up some emergency lunch on the way. There were some “best before” offers in the supermarket, so I had them! I bought:

  • Taboulé (1,21€)
  • Grated carrot salad (0,73€)
  • Mixed leaf salad (0,85€)

The carrots and salad were reduced by 50½. My friend’s fridge contained ham and cucumber, and there was bread and butter to make the perfect quick lunch. We ate ouside.

Pot at 69,32€