I’ve been back at work so I have neglected this a little, but I have still been eating and trying to keep everything to within the famous fiver a day.

Since last time, I:

  • finished off the galettes over a few days
  • got taken to lunch on the Thursday (client), then had pizza with a friend in the evening (4,28€)
  • was invited to a birthday party on the Friday where I was fed
  • shared the last galette with a friend on Saturday at lunchtime, then opened a packet soup and an emergency jar of ravioli in the evening
  • had a chocolatine on Sunday morning followed by burger and chips provided by a friend in the evening
  • have apparently forgotten what I ate on Monday
  • had a sandwich for lunch on the Tuesday (work) followed by another birthday in the evening
  • had a sandwich for lunch yesterday and boudin in the evening

There has also been some shopping:

  • Spinach (0,94€)
  • Tomatoes (0,88€)
  • Milk (1,00€)
  • Rosabelle Potatoes (1,73€)
  • Apples (1,00€)
  • Coffee (225g 3,49€)
  • Olives (0,58€)
  • Baguette (1,05€)
  • Boudin noir (3,56€)
  • Savoy cabbage (2,55€)
  • Cornflakes (1,15€)
  • Butter (2,25€)
  • Biscuits (1,25€)

I don’t eat much meat at home, generally, but am occasionally tempted by offers in shops which is what happened to me yesterday when I spied a pack of boudin noir reduced by 20% in the organic shop. Boudin noir is the French variation on black pudding – pudding itself an anglicisation of boudin – and is yummy. Here, it gets eaten with mashed potato, generally, and any other vegetable that comes to hand.

The mashed potato is easy to prepare, and I keep a drop or two of the water over to mix back into the potatoes and butter as I mash them to get a nice texture.

I sliced the cabbage leaves thinly, then cooked them in a covered frying pan with a little butter, some garlic, and some of the potato water until they were starting to become tender and the water had evaporated. At this point I seasoned the cabbage and then added the boudin to the pan and cooked it while being careful not to burn the cabbage.

I had this last night and again tonight, and have finished the two-pack of boudin. I had lunch with my client at midday so only had to pick up a baguette on my way home to be able to take a sandwich with me for lunch at work tomorrow.

The new pot stands at 98,73€. I have lost the receipt for the brie I bought for my packed lunch (!), but will check next time I’m in the supermarket and adjust accordingly.