I was introduced to these when I lived and worked in Paris as there was a Breton restaurant round the corner from the office. Everything came as a pancake variation.

Galettes are savoury pancakes made from buckwheat flour. They are served with a savoury filling and a bowl of cider (I forgot this) in Brittany, though other regions have their own variants. The traditional galette complète contains ham and cheese, but any filling will do. I cheat and buy mine from the supermarket – 1,95€ for four. I also bought a pack of butter (2,05€).

To make my filling I fried up some of the red pepper with a couple of mushrooms, some garlic and onion, and a couple of grated potatoes. I added paprika, garlic and some spicy sauce because I fear I might have a lurgy coming on.

Melt some butter in a frying pan, then add the galette. I never remember whether they are smooth side up or down, so I settled for smooth side up. Crack an egg onto the galette and break the yolk, then spread it evenly around the galette with a wide wooden spachelor. Add your filling to one side of the galette, then fold it in half and cook it for a few moments on either side. Ideally, the egg will seal it.

I had one for lunch and another for tea today.

Yesterday, I was invited to eat with friends. The pot provided a bottle of wine (3,49€), though I had also bought some garlic (0,59€) and some mushrooms (2,22€).

All things calculated, the pot now stands at 125,49€.