I decided to harvest the remaining peaches and do something useful with them as they were starting to drop faster than I could eat them and I trod on a couple the other evening when I got home in the dark.

A friend, who has experience of this kind of thing, helped me, armed with her Good Housekeeping Cookbook (“new edition for the 1970s”).

We started with about 6kg of peaches, but only managed to make ten pots as we had limited space for sterilising. The expected yield is about fourteen pots, which we will split between us.

Make a syrup using roughly 500g sugar per 1.5l of water. When this is done, peel and stone the peaches. This was made easier by dropping them into simmering water for a few seconds, which makes the skin slip off nice and easily. Arrange the peaches in the jar then pour cool syrup over them and close the jar, making sure the rubber seal ring is clean and has been soaked in cold water.

To sterilise the jars, prepare them simply as you would when washing up, then soak a new ring in cold water and put in place. Fill with peaches and syrup, though not to the top.

We used the “Slow water bath” method, which entails closing the pots and placing the jars in large tall vessel. Heat this gently on top of cooker, raising the temperature to 55C in one hour, then to 82C in a further half hour. Maintain the temperature at 82C for 15 minutes then let the whole thing cool and remove the jars.

This took most of the afternoon. For lunch, I took a selection of things to make a large salad for three of us:

  • Mackerel fillets (3,09€)
  • Roquefort (2,05€)
  • Beetroot salad (1,04€)
  • Honey waffles (1,86€)
  • Lettuce (1,30€)
  • 120g black olives (0,87€)

The beetroot salad was at its best before date, so reduced. We ate everything with some freshly-baked bread and it was lovely. I also bought a Camembert but we didn’t eat it as it wasn’t quite ready, so I took it home for myself.

I took 3,43€ out of the pot for my share of the lunch, plus 2,87€ for the Camembert which is now trying to escape from the kitchen table.

In the evening, a friend whipped up a Carbonara.

On Saturday I did a shop for the weekend. I bought:

  • Onions (1,12€)
  • Coffee (3,80€)
  • Potatoes (2,93€)
  • Milk (1€)
  • Eggs (2,25€)
  • Tinned tomatoes (0,99€)
  • Carrots (0,67)
  • Cornflakes (0,81€)
  • Lettuce (1,30€)
  • Gauffres (1,86€)

I started a new pot for September on Thursday with the 5,95€ remaining, which means that I started the month with a balance of 155,95€.

Saturday’s shop was 16,73€ and today’s supplies 3,43€, which means the pot now stands at 135,79€.