There’s plenty of lettuce left in the fridge, so to liven things up I bought an organic bûche de chèvre (literally a somewhat unappetising-sounding “goat log”; 2,35€) in the supermarket, and a fresh baguette (1,05€) from a boulangerie in town.

The salad is easy to assemble; it had lettuce, finely chopped onion, a sliced tomato and a couple of cloves of garlic (to mitigate the horror of the tomato).

I sliced the baguette, toasted it, and placed slices of cheese on the slices. Goat cheese likes lots of pepper.

I seasoned the salad and added some walnuts, then dressed it on the plate with a little olive oil, some vinegar and salt and pepper. The most strenuous part was making the toast.