Thursdays are good because I get taken to lunch by the client. I had veal with gratin dauphinois which was lovely but far too much, really, for the weather. I spent a lot of the afternoon drooping in meetings but survived with a few stout coffees and quite a lot of water.

This evening I didn’t need much but wanted to feel as if I’d eaten something substantial. I missed the shops, so had to make do with the bits I bought on Tuesday, including the stale baguette.

  • five small cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • a teaspoon of capers
  • some anchovies
  • some olives, pitted
  • one large tomato, chopped
  • a few leaves of lettuce
  • some left-over baguette, sliced thinly
  • one hard-boiled egg
  • half a chopped onion

Boil the potatoes and the egg then drain them. Let them cool, but not so they go cold. Arrange the salad leaves on the plate then add the tomato, onion, olives and capers. Slice the potatoes and egg. Fry the garlic gently in some olive oil, then add the bread and fry on each side until golden. Remove the croutons from the oil then fry the potatoes to brown them slightly. Arrange on top of the salad, put the anchovies on the warm potatoes and pour a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar over them. Add the croutons and eat.