On Friday, I didn’t really wake up in time for breakfast as I spent a lot of Thursday night and Friday morning sitting up looking for Perseids.

I finished the quiche for lunch on the Friday and in the evening took a supermarket pizza (4,29€) to a friend’s which was modified slightly with chorizo and mushrooms.

I deliberately didn’t buy much at the weekend knowing I wasn’t going to cook much as August 15th is a public holiday and people invited me to theirs.

On Saturday, I did a little shop to stock up on coffee and onions (3,64€) and a huge bowl of muesli as a late breakfast to tide me over until the evening, when I was fed barbecued things. I had a chocolatine (chocolate croissant; 0,95€) as a very late breakfast on Sunday and was fed lasagne in the evening.

This morning I bought myself a pain aux raisins (1€) for breakfast and grabbed a bag of salad (1,70€), some Saint Agur (1,86€) and a packet of biscuits (0,80€). I had some salad and some bread and cheese for lunch but it was almost too hot to eat today and certainly too hot to cook.

This evening I had a bowl of pasta with a tomato sauce from a jar, a large salad and the remaining kiwi fruit. I then went to another producer’s market to have a beer and an ice cream with a friend.

Things are now complicated by the impromptu arrival of a friend from England for a few days.

The pot stands at 95,76€.