These producers’ markets happen every summer and multiple times a week in various small villages around me. Mondays and Thursdays are the closest, and generally there’s a fine selection of fare on offer including duck breast (magret), lamb with merguez and persillade, duck skewers, omelettes, variation on a theme of duck, and other goodies. I’ve only been to a couple so far this summer, which is perhaps a bit of a poor show, so was thrilled when this fitted into the budget.

The remains of the chilli were finished last night, and today for lunch I had some of the quiche accompanied by a penultimate side of radicchio. That has done particularly well, kept wrapped in its outer leaves in a plastic bag in the fridge.

At the market I had a Toulouse sausage with boudin noir aux châtaignes, the local take on black pudding. I’ll grant it’s not organic, but it’s local and probably not far off. Someone helpfully tried to convince me to try an andouillette (all the bits that normal people won’t eat, disguised as a sausage), but I have made that mistake before.

Chips/fries/frites are the de facto – or perhaps even de jure – accompaniment at these events, and they go with everything.

A whopping 8€, but it was very nice. Pot stands at 108,05€ following a butter purchase in the afternoon.