It turns out that grapefruit keep forever in the fridge. I’m glad I know that now, because I had half of it for breakfast with a mug of coffee and can have the rest tomorrow.

On Sunday mornings I normally do a very quick supermarket dash to get the Sunday paper and, in this case, a bottle of milk. The milk is not organic, but it is fresh, because you can’t get organic semi-skimmed fresh milk here and UHT milk is vile, organic or not.

I also bought 100g of organic chilli peppers.

The other important part of Sunday (still just) morning is heading over to a friend’s for breakfast clutching a bag of whatever viennoiserie the boulangerie has left when I inevitably get there after the rest of the town has had its pick. This morning was pain aux raisins, which is a firm favourite.

The pot paid for mine, but not for the ones I took round for other people.

After second breakfast, I popped round to another friend’s while he was having lunch to discuss my plans for the remains of the soup. As I had green and red chillies he gave me a teaspoon or so of cumin seeds and mustard seeds with the suggestion that I finish it as a dal, which was my main meal of the day.

There was enough soup left for a couple of bowls. I reheated and reduced that slightly to start. As the soup was reducing I thinly sliced the chilli peppers and then fried the mustard and cumin seeds in oil (not ghee because I am a philistine) to “pop them”. I thought this was a culinary term for some sort of Indian flavour release, but it actually turned out to be a mental note to protective wear eye wear next time. When it was safe to return, I added the chillies for a minute or two then stirred the contents of the frying pan into the reduced soup-cum-dal and gave it a final last bubble.

I ate it with some pumpkin and tomato chutney a friend gave me, and rice. Probably the wrong sort.

The pot now stands at 126,88€.