The market was a bit of a write off. Everything’s muddled up with a festival in town and the traffic was horrific, so I went straight to the organic shop instead which was much more relaxed.

This allowed me a bit of time to consider my coffee problem: is coffee part of the five euros a day?

After some deliberation at the till I (and the man behind the counter) decided it does indeed come out of the fiver, so only bought enough for a few days and decided to forgo the honey waffles instead (six in a box).

Today’s purchases:

  • baguette: 1,05€
  • 160g Peruvian coffee beans: 2,48€
  • 105g mushrooms: 1,17€
  • 150g red pepper (one): 0,53€
  • 285g kiwis (four): 0,73€
  • 605g courgettes (two large): 1,66€

Food is now planned to Monday. The remaining soup may get reduced into a dal affair to have with rice tomorrow, or might just get finished as soup at lunch time. I found a grapefruit in the fridge that I think has been there for a while. I hope it’ll be alright with coffee in the morning.

Pot is at 130,75€. I could’ve had those waffles after all.