Breakfast was a Heston boiled egg, but it went hard-boiled on me which was a bit annoying. I suspect he expects people to keep their eggs in the fridge.

The market was absolutely rammed morning with tourists idly wandering around with no fixed plans. If I do Wednesday again I shall endeavour to go much earlier to avoid the tohu-bohu.

I came back with a radicchio (0,94€), 500g of carrots (1,50€) and 500g of leeks (2,40€) from the organic lady, some cherries which were not from the organic lady but which are probably less not organic than those in the supermarket, and four heads of (organic) garlic for 0,50€.

I wanted to get some peas to make soup with, but didn’t find any until I’d bought the other stuff (I was not in the mood for walking up and down before buying), so will make some other kind of soup instead.

The pot is now at 141,96€.